BNP participating in Upazila elections despite ‘doubts’ over fair elections

The BNP has been disparaging of the new Decision Commission, its pioneers have even scrutinized the unprejudiced nature of the Central Race Chief , however a survey blacklist is precluded.

Surveys to these 18 Upazilas are expected on sixth Blemish and the Decision Commission headed by recently designated Boss Race Commission K M Nurul Huda will direct them.

Political gatherings can handle possibility to challenge the places of Upazila director, bad habit executives and bad habit administrator (held for ladies) in these surveys.

The due date for pulling back selections for these surveys is 17 Feb – the date for recording and examination is over.

Awami Class, BNP and Jatiya Party have handled possibility for the three positions in Sylhet, said the area’s Senior Decision Officer Monir Hossain.

“A few selections have been drop after examination. Last rundown of competitors with be accessible after end of due date for withdrawal and advance.”

Hopefuls will challenge with their gathering images for this nearby government decisions. Arrangements are on to hold the decisions legitimately, Hossain said.

The voting will be held for all the three positions at Sylhet’s Osmaninagar, Khagrhachharhi’s Guimara and Sunamganj’s Jagannathpur Upazila.

Surveys will be held for the post of administrator in Kurhigram sadar, Barisal’s Banariparha, Gouranadi, Jhalakathhi’s Kanthhalia, Patuakhali’s Rangabali, Comilla’s Adarsha sadar, Pabna’a Sujanagar, and Kishoreganj’s Hossainpur.

Hopefuls will challenge for the post of bad habit director in Comilla’s Chouddogram, Natore’s Borhaigram, Nilphamari’s Joldhaka, Stakhira’s Kolaroa and Bagerhat’s Morelganj.

Hopefuls will challenge for the saved seats at Pabna’s Ishwardi and Comilla sadar (south).

Autonomous applicants can request assignment by thinking of a rundown of 250 supporters. The manage does not matter to the individuals who have filled in as either administrator or bad habit director already.

Intrigued applicants can top off the designation papers on the web, a choice that was provided food amid the region chamber decisions.

The race to Baghaichharhi district in Rangamati is expected on Feb 22. On Blemish 22, by-surveys to Gaibandha-1 seat will be held for which competitors can apply until Feb 19.

In the wake of boycotting the tenth national surveys composed by the Kazi Rakibbudin drove Electon Commission, BNP participated in all the nearby government races that took after.

Be that as it may, the gathering, which is the significant restriction party outside the Parliament, did not challenge the by-surveys.

BNP, which had been uproarious in scrutinizing Kazi Rakibuddin, has communicated question over the unbiasedness of new CEC KM Nurul Huda.

Amid an exchange on Sunday, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi stated: “Government has now squeezed for Nurul Huda who is more regrettable than Kazi Rakibuddin and the president has affirmed it.”

“A reasonable decision can never be held under such a man who complies with the administration aimlessly.”

According to the Representation of the General population Request, the enlistment of a political gathering is crossed out in the event that it doesn’t take an interest in the Parliamentary Races for two back to back terms.

So the BNP should challenge the 2019 National Surveys to keep up its enrollment as a political gathering.

At the point when asked on this note, BNP standing board part Mahbubur Rahman told “We have not rejected the new CEC yet. The new CEC is holding the Upazila and region races. We will first watch its exercises and check whether it is impartial.”

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