Dhaka seeks Tajuddin’s extradition from SA

Bangladesh on Thursday looked for removal of a key-blamed for savage 21 August, 2004 projectile assault as he supposedly took asylum in South Africa to avoid equity at home.

As indicated by an outside office articulation State Serve for Remote Issues Shahriar Alam made a demand to South African agent priest of global relations and collaboration Nomaindiya Mfeketo to facilitate a procedure to repatriate Maulana Tajuddin to be presented to equity.

“The South African delegate serve repeated her administration’s eagerness to coordinate in such manner,” the announcement read.

Shahriar met Mfeketo on the sidelines of the sixteenth Committee of Clergymen Meeting of the Indian Sea Edge Affiliation (IORA) in Indonesia’s Bali island on Wednesday .

Tajuddin, an assumed kingpin of banned Harkatul Jihad (HuJI), had provided explosives for the 21 August assault on an Awami Group rally at Bangabandhu Aenue when 24 individuals were murdered while officeholder head administrator Sheik Hasina barely got away from the attack.

About 500 individuals were injured in that assault while the dead included Ivy Rahman, Awami Class’ ladies front boss and spouse of previous president Zillur Rahman.

The trial of the case is in progress at a Dhaka court with the then head Khaleda Zia’s outlaw child and BNP pioneer Tarique Rahman, the then state serve for home Lutfozzaman Babar and HuJI boss Mufti Abdul Hannan being significant blamed. Maulana Tajuddin was purportedly given a sheltered entry abroad by the then BNP-Jamaat administration as a major aspect of its endeavors to ensure the offenders while he is being attempted in absentia.

The Interpol on 19 August, 2014, educated Bangladesh Police that Tajuddin was remaining in South Africa while it issued a red alarm portraying him as a “most needed criminal”.

As indicated by the remote office explanation Shahriar likewise asked for his partner to effectively consider opening up of South African occupant strategic mission in Dhaka in soonest conceivable time to encourage improved individuals to-individuals contacts and potential organizations between the two nations.

Both the pioneers concurred on further reinforcing and uniting the ties between the two nations in different fields.

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