EC should apologise to people as well

The decision commission of Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed has conceded its inability to complete its protected obligations and has offered an unlimited statement of regret to the high court. This expression of remorse additionally is an indication of its different disappointments in the course of recent years. They have offered an explanation to the court, however they stay responsible to the general population as well. Rather than guaranteeing the general population’s voting rights and maintaining the poise of this sacred body, they have essentially discolored it considerably more.

The union parishad decisions were held in six stages in the midst of across the board viciousness, killings and anomalies. It was generally administering party applicants who partook in this decision but then it was more brutal and wicked than numerous other sketchy races previously. Other than the initial two periods of the upazila decision, not a solitary race amid the residency of this race commission was done appropriately. The president and all concerned must remember this unforgiving truth while reconstituting the race commission. The race is basically a political procedure. Framing another race commission by a hunt board of trustees won’t look good if the procedure stays weak.

In Bangladesh it is a standard that the more focused and precise the races is, the more bubbly, free and reasonable it turns out to be. In any case, under the current conditions, there is not really any plausibility of a genuinely aggressive race. So it is basic to guarantee conditions for a free and reasonable decision. The national political gatherings which are dynamic in decision governmental issues must assume up this liability.

The reality remains that the Rakibuddin commission has been a troubling disappointment. They have shown a passionless mentality in completing their protected obligations. It is the commission’s duty to address the grievances submitted amid the UP race. Indeed, even the high court guided them to do as such, however they neglected to do this. They should apologize to people in general for this disappointment. This decision commission merits only judgment.

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