Muslims fear anti-Islam backlash in Barcelona

Supplication time is drawing closer yet Raja Miah, an imam at a little mosque in the core of Barcelona does not expect a major turnout.

Since the twin assaults in Barcelona and the adjacent shoreline resort of Cambrils guaranteed by the Islamic State gathering, the Muslim people group in focal Barcelona’s neighborhood of Raval fears a hostile to Islam backfire.

“Individuals are exceptionally frightened,” said Miah, 23, as he sat in a little room at the mosque in Raval as a little gathering of youngsters in a bordering room contemplated the Koran.

Raval-whose name gets from the Arabic word for neighborhood-is found recently west of Barcelona’s clamoring Las Ramblas lane where a van furrowed into people on foot on Thursday, killing 13 and harming many others. Hours after the fact, someone else kicked the bucket in a comparative assault in the occasion town of Cambrils, where police shot five speculates dead.

“There is a ton of dread, individuals don’t go out. Not very many individuals come to ask. Typically we are around 40 individuals, the previous evening we weren’t even 15 and today 10,” said Miah, who moved to Barcelona nine years back from Bangladesh.

Spain’s Muslim people group has as of not long ago been saved from the Islamophobia that has cleared parts of Europe.

Far-right gatherings remain scarcely unmistakable and only four percent of Spaniards view migration as an issue, as per an overview by the administration’s Middle for Sociological Exploration (CIS).

Be that as it may, the series of assaults in Europe, guaranteed by the supposed Islamic State gathering, has started an ascent in loathing episodes.

The quantity of recorded cases hopped from only 48 of every 2014 to 534 out of 2015, as indicated by a battle gathering, the Nationals’ Stage Against Islamophobia.

Furthermore, Muslims fear it will deteriorate following the twin assaults.

‘You feel terrible’ –

The limited and ordinarily uproarious lanes of Raval were noiseless on Saturday morning.

Settlers represent generally 50% of the thickly populated neighborhood’s populace, with countless from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Morocco.

“(The) Spaniards treat us well, they help us, they influence us to feel at home,” said Raja.

Be that as it may, minutes after the assault in Barcelona, he said he could feel that something was evolving. When he fled the Ramblas region in the wake of the assaults he was chased by police.

“It’s ordinary, they saw me with my whiskers and robe and they halted me. Be that as it may, you feel awful,” he said.

“We expect that a similar will occur here as in France, England or different spots” where far-right gatherings have developed unequivocally as of late, said Islam Zahid, 22, who runs a little general store in back lanes of Raval. Kids could be heard playing football out of sight.

Around 100 individuals from Barcelona’s Muslim people group, huge numbers of them weepy, accumulated on Las Ramblas on Saturday to exhibit against the twin assaults in Spain.

“They are not Muslims, they are psychological oppressors” and “Islam is peace,” they yelled.

“Brutes” –

Marzouk Rouj, a 39-year-old Moroccan development specialist who went to the exhibit with his girl, said the carnage departed him “broke”.

“I have lived a greater number of years here than in my (own) nation. My kids go to class here and I don’t need individuals to take a gander at them adversely in light of a few brutes,” said Rouj, who moved to Spain from Nador in northern Morocco when he was only 16.

A few Muslims left blooms at an extemporaneous sanctuary on Las Ramblas.

“At last Muslims are the primary casualties, for the passings and for the social weight,” said Xantal Genovart, VP of the Relationship of Catalan Muslim ladies.

Catalonia is home to about a fourth of Spain’s 1.9 million Muslims-and it is additionally a focal point of jihadism, as per specialists.

All things being equal, Mounir Benjelloun, leader of the Spanish Alliance of Islamic Religious Elements, stays idealistic.

“I believe that Spain will know how to deal with this and will isolate the guilty parties from the rest so a xenophobic message does not flourish,” he said.

The underlying signs are empowering. A little gathering of hostile to Islam dissenters who turned up at Las Ramblas on Friday was compelled to leave after passers-by started to yell “No racists” at them.

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