N’ganj city corporation polls crucial test for EC

The Narayanganj city partnership surveys are to be hung on 22 December. Interestingly political gatherings will formally be handling their hopefuls under their separate images in these surveys. Nearby and national political pioneers are setting significance on this race. It is up to the race commission, the organization accountable for the decision and the law authorization offices to guarantee that the race is done easily.

The decisions held in the later past have uncovered the present race commission’s disappointments and fears. It barely applied its protected power and the general population lost trust in the organization and the race framework. Presently their most importantly concern ought to be to recover that lost certainty. This Narayanganj city company race is most likely the last decision to be directed by the present race commission as another commission is expected in February.

With decision Awami Association, resistance BNP and different gatherings taking an interest in the surveys, it will undoubtedly be a significant aggressive one. The decision commission must direct the race with earnestness and nonpartisanship in the event that it is to be free, reasonable and solid. It must act autonomously and, if vital, consent to an arrangement with the challenging political gatherings so they take after a specific set of accepted rules amid the surveys.

The competitors have presented their designation papers. Once the designations are concluded and the withdrawals are finished, the battling will begin. And after that the voting. A notwithstanding playing field must be ensured for all gatherings and hopefuls. Individuals from the organization and the law implementation offices must assume an impartial part. The decision commission must pass on the message that everybody is equivalent according to the law. Nobody disregarding the guidelines will be saved.

We call upon all hopefuls and gatherings to take after the set of accepted rules. They should demonstrate their supporters’ trust in them through their execution.

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