Nurul Huda ahead of former CEC in terms of following Awami League: Rizvi

The gathering’s Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi put forth the expression and repeated his questions on the “impartiality” of the Race Commission.

He told a media brief on Friday: “His (Nurul Huda) articulations, dispositions and activities, everything mirrors his devotion to the Awami Class.”

Nurul Huda, who resigned in 2006 as a joint secretary, was sent on constrained retirement with some different authorities after the BNP-Jamaat coalition came to control in 2001.

The Incomparable Court proclaimed the request illicit when tested.

Nurul Huda got to be secretary with review impact and got budgetary advantages for the post.

The BNP guaranteed that as the delegate magistrate of Comilla, Huda went about as a coordinator for the ‘Janatar Mancha,’ a Dhaka-based development of the Awami Class in 1996 in which an expansive number of government authorities indicated non-participation with the then BNP government.

CEC Nurul Huda has, in any case, characterized the claim naming such allegation is only a political technique of the BNP.

Rizvi communicated his question on Nurul Huda amid the public interview at BNP’s Naya Paltan office.

“Individuals of the nation can’t depend on him (Nurul Huda) for sound national races. It is probably going to be another ‘voter-less’ ‘uneven’ decision.”

Alluding to the announcements of Nurul Huda, which came after the new decision magistrates were declared, Rizvi named Nurul as “a conferred Awami Leager.”

“Recently, I saw on Facebook that he is eating desserts to praise the triumph of some UP director in his zone. The previous CECs kept up their particular identity and free substance. They didn’t take part in such occasions,” said the BNP pioneer.

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