‘Westworld’ actress reveals she was raped twice

US performer Evan Rachel Wood, who plays one of the main characters in the new hit television arrangement “Westworld,” has stood up about being assaulted twice in an open letter she posted on Twitter.

The 29-year-old said she had uncovered the assaults in a meeting with Moving Stone magazine and chose to likewise share her story via web-based networking media as she would not like to “remain quiet any more.”

The performing artist said she had been assaulted by a “critical other” and afterward by the proprietor of a bar.

“The first occasion when I was uncertain that on the off chance that it was finished by an accomplice it was still in certainty assault, until past the point of no return,” Wood composed. “Additionally who might trust me.

“Furthermore, the second time, I thought it was my blame and that I ought to have battled back additional, however I was frightened.”

She said the assaults occurred “numerous, numerous years back” and that she had come to comprehend that she was not to blame.

The star included her Twitter posting and in addition the Moving Stone meeting that she trusts the attacks were “one of the many components” that had an influence trying to submit suicide at age 22.

The on-screen character, who is swinger, said she had wavered in regards to approaching in the past inspired by a paranoid fear of being blamed for looking for consideration or being advised “it wasn’t a major ordeal or that is not by any stretch of the imagination assault.”

“I don’t trust we live in a period where individuals can remain quiet any more. I surely can’t,” she composed.

“Not given the express our reality is in with its barefaced fanaticism and sexism.”

Wood said in spite of the fact that she was cheerful in her life, she was “still not alright.”

‘You are not the only one’

“I believe it’s essential for individuals to realize that, for survivors to possess that, and that the weight to simply get over it as of now, ought to be lifted,” said the star, who was quickly hitched to performing artist Jamie Ringer and had a child with him in 2013.

The performing artist likewise protected her past disputable association with the demigod Marilyn Manson in the Moving Stone meeting, saying she was “desiring peril and fervor” when she met him at age 18 in Los Angeles. He was 36 at the time and wedded to vaudeville star Dita Von Teese.

“I met some person that guaranteed flexibility and expression and no judgments,” she told the magazine.

Wood plays Dolores, an android in the science fiction arrangement “Westworld” in view of the 1973 motion picture of a similar name about a Western amusement stop without bounds.

In the principal scene, her character is demonstrated being dragged off to be assaulted.

The on-screen character posted a message on Twitter on Tuesday, a few hours in the wake of sharing her letter, saying that she would enjoy a reprieve from web-based social networking.

“Much obliged to you for all your support and valiant stories. You are not the only one. xo,” she tweeted.Fans posted empowering messages on her Twitter channel, hailing her as a good example and vowing support.”We’ll be here when you return!” one fan tweeted.

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